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Introducing the Postgraduate Student Committee for 2018/19!

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Rachel Thompson

Rachel is undertaking a PhD in Research Ethics at Swansea University. She is Co-Chair of the Committee.

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Jessica Brown

Jessica is currently undertaking an LLM in Legal Practice at City, University of London. Her current research focuses on promoting the ethical regulation of medical technologies, particularly regarding their applications towards the end of life. Jessica is Co-Chair alongside Rachel and was Treasurer for 2017-18.

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Rose Mortimer

Rose is in her fourth year of her DPhil at Oxford University, where she is situated between the Department of Psychiatry and the Ethox Centre. Her DPhil is an empirical ethics study of Mother and Baby Units in UK women’s prisons. Rose is also Co-Secretary!

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Elizabeth Redrup

Elizabeth is undertaking a PhD in Medical Law and Ethics. Her research interests are: Brain Death Determination, Consciousness Disorders, and Euthanasia. Elizabeth was Secretary for 2017-18.

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Yolanda Chacon

Yolanda is a PhD candidate in Medical Bioethics at the University of Zurich. Her research explores the psychosocial effects of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) on patients and their family caregivers. Her research is part of the international database of individual patient experiences called DIPEx (, and she is the coordinator of the first DIPEx module about experiences with DBS.

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Ajmal Mubarik

Ajmal is undertaking a PhD in Bioethics and Medical Jurisprudence at the University of Manchester, at the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy. His research investigates autonomy issues arising from new technologies within healthcare, and the legal and ethical consequences of this, particularly in the context of cosmetic enhancement.

Matthew Watkins

Matthew is undertaking a PhD in Medical Law and Ethics at the University of Southampton.

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Arianna Manzini

Arianna is a DPhil student at the University of Oxford, where she is conducting an empirical bioethics study of young people’s moral attitudes towards advances in autism genomics. She explores what adolescents understand autism is and whether/how they think we should use genetic information to prevent, cure, and intervene early in autism. Alongside Rose, Arianna is Co-Secretary.

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Elizabeth Chloe Romanis

Elizabeth is a PhD candidate in Bioethics and Medical Jurisprudence at the University of Manchester. Her research is about artificial wombs currently being developed as a replacement for traditional neonatal intensive care. She is interested in how these artificial wombs will affect the law defining the beginning of life and birth, abortion legislation, and the regulation of experimental treatments.

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Edgar Ruiz Lopez

Edgar is a PhD candidate in Bioethics at King’s College London. His current research into issues of exploitation in surrogacy combines the tools of philosophical analysis with methods of empirical research from the social sciences. He is also Treasurer.

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Léonie Mol

Léonie is undertaking a PhD at the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine, King’s College London. Her research explores contemporary psychiatric treatment models that claim to “empower” patients. She focusses in particular on how this affects and shapes research about bulimia nervosa. New therapies, aetiologies, and clinical explanations have a tremendous influence on the role the patient is expected to play, but also the experience of the illness.


Jordan Parsons

Based at the University of Bristol, Jordan has recently completed his Masters by Research and is about to start his PhD. His research concerns best interests decisions in nephrology, with a focus on dialysis decisions for permanently mentally incapacitated adults. Jordan also manages our website.

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Daniel Tigard

Daniel finished his PhD at Tulane University in 2018. He is currently a post-doctoral research fellow in applied ethics at the Human-Technology Center, RWTH Aachen University, where he works on moral responsibility in emerging technology. His published work addresses issues ranging from research ethics to moral distress among healthcare practitioners.

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Francisca Stutzin

Francisca is a Clinical Psychologist by training, currently pursuing a PhD in Health Humanities at University College London. Her research focuses on the ethics of chronic illness and the delivery of long-term treatment by exploring the psycho-emotional impact of chronicity, and its intersection with adherence to treatment and self-management education.

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Nienke de Graeff

Nienke is a PhD Candidate in Bioethics at the University Medical Center Utrecht. She is interested in the ethics of new and emerging technologies. In her current research, she undertakes an ethical analysis of gene drives, a genome-editing technology.

Postgraduate Student Committee Alumni

Alexander Chrysanthou (University Campus of Football Business)

Emma Nottingham (University of Winchester)

Sacha Waxman (University of Liverpool)

Ruchi Baxi (University of Oxford)

Kate Sahan (University of Oxford)

Georgina Morley (University of Bristol)

David Lawrence (University of Newcastle)

Giulia Cavaliere (King’s College London)

Amel Alghrani (University of Liverpool)

Louise Austin (University of Bristol)

Emma Baldock

Isra Black (University of York)

Sarah Devaney (University of Manchester)

Mikey Dunn (University of Oxford)

Marleen Eijkholt (Michigan State University)

Nathan Emmerich (Australian National University)

Lisa Forsberg (University of Oxford)

Zeynep Gurtin (University of Cambridge)

Jon Ives (University of Bristol)

Adele Langlois (Lincoln University)

Sheelagh McGuinness (University of Bristol)

Alex McKeown (University of Oxford)

Georgina Morley (Cleveland Clinic)

Alexis Paton (University of Leicester)

Muireann Quigley (University of Birmingham)

Annette Rid (King’s College London)

Anna Smajdor (University of Oslo)

Jess Wheeler (University of Bristol)