Following the success of consecutive PGBCs, it was decided that the Postgraduate Student Committee could organise more throughout the year to build upon skills and connections gained from the conference.

We now organise a number of workshops throughout the year, which are an opportunity to hone your academic skills in a smaller group setting. Some fantastic workshops are currently in planning and will be announced later in the year. If you want to find out more now, read on!

Beauty, Bioethics, and the Body

Wednesday 30th October 2019 | University of Manchester

Applications are now open for this exciting interdisciplinary workshop exploring the ethical issues and challenges of cosmetic enhancement.

You can find out more and apply here.

Critically Engaging the Public: Why, Who, and How?

In September 2018, our Public Engagement Workshop took place at Edinburgh University. Organised by our very own Arianna, it was a huge success and really kicked off the academic year!

Public Engagement is indeed an increasingly important aspect of research. Not only do funders expect researchers to engage with the public, but more and more researchers are motivated by a professional interest in and personal responsibility for communicating their research with non-academics. The fields of bioethics, medical law, and medical humanities, in particular, offer great opportunities for public engagement as they raise burning issues of broader societal interest.

The workshop included both talks on the theory of public engagement, led by Dr Sarah Chan from the Wellcome Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society (University of Edinburgh), and group activities that allowed participants to apply the theoretical considerations to their own research.