Past Events

Here’s one from earlier…


We have been running for quite some time now, and have a history of putting on great events. Below are some of those events!

Public Engagement Workshop 2018

University of Edinburgh | 14th December

Theme: ‘Critically Engaging the Public: Why, Who, and How?’

PGBC 2018

King’s College, London | 23rd-24th July

Theme: ‘Bioethics in the Public Square’

PGBC 2017

University of Oxford | 4th-5th September

Theme: ‘Individuals and Populations’

PGBC 2016

University of Bristol | 31st August-1st September

Theme: ‘Bioethics in Theory; Bioethics in Practice’

PGBC 2015

University of Manchester | 7th-8th September

Theme: ‘Binaries in Bioethics: What role should they serve?’

PGBC 2014

University of Southampton | 4th-5th September

Theme: ‘Health Law and Bioethics at the Frontiers of Innovation’

PGBC 2013

King’s College London | 22nd-24th May

Theme: ‘Bioethics in Law and Public Policy’

PGBC 2012

Wellcome Collection, London | 2nd-4th May

Theme: ‘Bioethics and the Body’

PGBC 2011

Wellcome Conference Centre, London | 5th-7th January

Theme: ‘Social Scientific Approaches to Bioethics: Methods and Methodologies’

PGBC 2009

Queen’s University Belfast

Theme: ‘Engaging Bioethics/Bioethics Engagements’

PGBC 2008

University of Manchester

Theme: ‘Challenges at the Interface of Biolaw and Bioethics’

PGBC 2007

Cambridge University

Theme: ‘Why Bioethics? Our Research in Context’

PGBC 2006

University of Birgmingham

Theme: ‘Bioethics: Past, Present, and Future’